Adak Textile has begun production with six pieces automatic weaving machines on 06th June, 1985

at K. Balıklı / BURSA as It's activity field is made of silk fabric production and contract weaving.

  After on 1st August, 1997 Our company has been continued production and quality with 40 pieces Air

Jet automatic weaving machines, preparation for weaving machines and other machines on 2.900

square meters working area, on our main office at Vatan district, Villa Street Number: 1 After that

factory has moved Kestel industrial zone on 1st November, 2002. And we have started to weaving in

Kestel. Production area is 5.000 square meters. We produce synthetic (polyester, nylon, etc...) and

cotton blend raw materials with 90 pieces Air Jet, Sulzer Ruti, Tsudakoma weaving machines and

conical preparation for weaving and sizing departments convenient for conditions of today.